Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jane and the boys! SUPper Club Tour 1/17/09

Jane and the boys - Brad, Tony, John, Derick, Jane, and Peter. Kurt joined in too...and he and Peter were the only two that had gone stand up paddling before yesterday's tour. Our paddle spanned 5 miles to and fro the southern end of Crown Beach and the Elsie Roemer Bird Santuary.
We turned around at the Bay Farm Island Bridge, the longest drawbridge in the country.
The weather was ideal with temperatures in the 70s and clear blue sunny skies. With the warm weather, all the first time SUPpers went sans wetsuit, and they were glad they did as they all had to take their shirts off to stay cool!
We spotted 2 leopard sharks on the tour. They are harmless and gorgeous as they swim along in the shallow water. Brad said the one he spotted was nearly 6 feet long. Yikes!

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